We left- to Tshipise!

Al is ready for action and the car is packed
Al is ready for action and the car is packed

Yesterday was D day – Al was up early with last minute adjustments to the tie downs on the roof. We finished off the last of the packing and sat down with Daniel our younger son for breakfast together. Then around 10.30am we left! I surprised myself by being quite emotional as we said our goodbyes and cried until the other side of Pretoria. I don’t like goodbyes.

Car 23 May

The trip was uneventful unless you count Al knocking his coffee over me at our first pit stop! Sights along the way.

Capricon 2 Capricon

Tolls tolls everywhere!! They had multiplied since we were last here. The last one was rather fun- known as Baobab Plaza, shortly afterwards we knew we were in Baobab country

Baobab Tree

Tolls baobab
We headed to Tshipise a place with hot springs just outside Musina. We had already decided to stay here two nights to give us a chance to catch our breath before crossing the border on Monday. Beit Bridge  border crossings are legendary and we’ve done our fair share already, so time in the hot pools at Tshipise chilling can only be a good thing! We had no booking so we just rocked up at reception and took potluck! Potluck is a very nice little two sleeper chalet.

The "great bospearaat" in the hot pools
The “great bosperaat” in the hot pools

We were wondering where all the people were as the campsite looked full from the road. We ambled down to the pool, and as we got closer heard quite a din…. to discover the pool was full of white haired people chatting in groups in the pool. All floating on pool noodles – Al and I felt quite young! The weekenders had obviously left and it was safe to come out!!!!

Tshipise spring

Al and I were reminiscing about the last time we were at Tshipise- about 30 years ago when we dropped a certain younger brother off at the border to hitchhike home on a Sunday in order to get to work first thing on Monday. He had left it to the last minute. We left Joburg  at 2 am in the morning, dropped him at the border and revived ourselves in the hot pools for an hour then set off home. Day visitors are no longer allowed….

Bietbridge tomorrow…..

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  1. Will be thinking of you standing in the queue at BB tomorrow when I’m running choir practice! Hope you have a couple of good books with you!

    Give Zim my love!

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